thebutlerdeclines’s Reviews

  • More Sandman than Candyman!

    This is one of those sample instruments that can both create realistic 'performances' with judicious use of the generous and well executed controls or facilitate random loveliness just setting them all going with LFOs. The sound is dreamy in nature and definitely more Sandman than Candyman. Moreover, it's just great fun to use.

    Helen15 May 2022
  • Exceptionally Musical Piano

    If you can download this instrument i think you should. Brilliantly recorded and well put togther as an instrument this piano exudes empathetic woody tones inspiring lots of musical ideas especially when played at the softer levels. The GUI is lovely and the design of the instrument is well thought out. On the negative side the controls are a little finnicky to set just right but to be fair this is often true of kontakt instruments. There was a (super 3k) noise issue on sustain samples which has now been addressed through update. All in all this is and exceptionally musical instrument which deserves much praise and I hope the creator continues to carve out a niche for themselves in the online instrument economy. I might even have to reconsider my moratorium on tipping.

    woodland piano22 April 2022
  • Robert Wyatt humming the Thames TV ident while buttering a slice of Hovis..

    Caution:this instrument may induce intense and prolonged but 'truly ace' lo-fi jams. Where contraindications are present there may be some sudden weeping and involuntary mournful synth-face. Other possible side effects may include: making everything you compose sound like it's just been introduced by John Peel or obscure VHS footage of Robert Wyatt humming the Thames TV ident while buttering a slice of Hovis. Avoid playing minor 11th chords while operating heavy machinery

    Relic Keyboard20 October 2021
  • Bass.ically an essential dowload!

    If you often find yourself caught between a pure sine wave and a mangled- genre-mess when trying to add weight to your low end then Jon has provided the solution you need. Download it now and thank me later. Better still thank Jon for the salvaged time, effort and sanity he has saved you like I'm going to now. Thanks Jon.

    Bass.ic04 November 2021
  • The piano has been drinking...

    What this piano lacks in versatilty in playability it makes up with character. Layered with a more dynamic detailed piano a lovely dreamy sound can be produced. Alone this is the sound of a piano that is three coffee tequilas past its bedtime mumbling to itself about love and regret.

    Rättvik Upright29 October 2021