The story

Whilst I was in Amsterdam working on a show earlier in 2019, we were using a fairly run down old electric guitar and amp, which had belonged to the theatre for some time. One of the characters used the guitar and amp to show off his skills in the show and so for some of the underscore and soundscape textures during the rest of the piece I wanted to test out using the same sounding guitar and amp in a similar design to the ‘Kristiansand Octave Cascade’ instrument (which plays an initial note followed by a random assortment of octave notes based on the key pressed) to add continuing textures in order to build the guitar theme into the show as through-line.

Here is the result of the experiment, I found theres lots to learn about how a guitar note’s attack differs from the piano and how it feels more realistic to not play it like a piano at all. Also that playing this alongside the Piano version of the octave cascade adds even more to it. Enjoy!

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  • I am in love

    This instrument should be on the top of Pianobook. Leaving aside the default GUI knobs that I hate, this instrument is simply inspiring. At first you may think it's a simple e-guitar instrument, but it's far more than that. After you play with it a little you will be surely blown away by the character of it, and you will immediately start thinking of possible scenarios of use. I personally thought of more than one theater plays. This is gold, thank you Pete!

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • Really impressed as a guitarist

    As a guitarist i usually find these guitar libraries very unrealistic and keyboard sounding. This might not be my favorite tone of a guitar on pianobook but i think it has a certain realism about the articulation of the notes that none of the others have captured. It still won't replace my real guitar but im very impressed and i would definitely reccomend this one to any non guitarists. The extra effects are also awesome and interesting. I think they will definitely find their way into some of my work

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Well recorded guitar with unique and inspiring FX

    I love that this is a very authentic sounding amped electric, and I love that it has some really great, really unique, and really inspiring FX to go along with it. I don't like that the sample editing isn't very tight, and that the attack on some of the notes is really different from some others. However, I will admit that in playing this sample pack, that did bring a certain amount of authenticity to the overall sound, so I can't complain too much. Overall, this sample library is pretty great, and has a lot of inspiring sounds, although it's probably not something which will fit into my personal style of composition very often.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 October 2021
  • Just an OK tone

    I don't love the original tone but do like the octaves and reverse notes. Try some Valhalla supermassive to give it additional life!

    Just Bob17 October 2021