ZEDEKI’s Reviews

  • A Magnificent sound

    Dan never disappoints with these libraries and I have been using this Gentle Grand for a while now and I am here just to tell you this is my favorite piano library so far. Rich and intricate sound that I absolutely love and the pad feature seems a very small detail but it does wonder to the sound of this library, do experiment with that.

    Gentle Grand07 March 2022
  • Orchestral Swells

    Love this library, audio quality is top notch. Just what I was looking for

    NFO: Orchestral Swells13 October 2021
  • Simply elegant

    I love libraries like this which have a single definitive sound, another great one from Dan Keen!

    Solo Cello Spurs26 May 2022
  • I love this library

    The sound is very inspirational and incredible. I could easily spend days experimenting with this library alone. Truly amazing.

    String Textures07 March 2022