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About a year ago, I got an email from Jack Hughes, founder of the Northern Film Orchestra, based in Manchester. Following my Soft String Spurs project and my Isolation Collaboration, he proposed we do a similar thing but on a grand scale, with a full orchestra. The resultant library features over 600 combined recordings from over 40 players, in the shape of a Kontakt 5 and DecentSampler virtual instruments.

To get the ebb and flow that I wanted for this library, I decided to instruct the players to perform swells for Strings and Winds, and Accents for Brass. This allows the orchestra to perform as a cohesive unit. There are 5 dynamic layers which can be faded between using the Dynamics knob, MIDI Learn-able to any CC (my preference is the Mod Wheel).

The Northern Film Orchestra are a fantastic set of musicians who specialise in recording music for Film, TV & Video games. They have a wide range of recording packages from an Intimate 14 piece ensemble through to an epic 69 piece orchestra with 5.1 surround, photography and filming available. They even support shared sessions to record alongside fellow composers.

You can book them here:

Watch my walkthrough and behind the scenes film here:

Reviews for NFO: Orchestral Swells

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  • Amazing!

    This collection is simply amazing. Thank you so much for making this available.

    Bullitt Volante03 July 2022
  • Just amazing

    This is just purely astonishing, thanks Dan! The sound is just amazing!

    Fyodor Alexandr09 July 2023
  • amazing

    good job .

    le20 June 2024
  • hola dan

    por favor me puees decir como lo instalo en kakewalk by bandlad desde ya muchas gracias

    javier02 May 2023
  • Simply Beautiful

    This is a truly inspiring collection that is a pleasure to have on my belt when composing. It sits beautifully in the mix. A huge thanks Dan for creating this. I am very grateful and please continue the great work!!!

    Paul D18 October 2021
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