Barry (Maximum Movement Theatre)’s Reviews

  • Interesting concept

    and I'm all for a good concept. Kontakt man myself but the Decent Sampler download was straightforward enough. Now to explore some more...

    Spoken Pads15 October 2021
  • nice

    A great sound and a wonderful starting block for exploration. Whip into the editor, change the filter to Pro53, Replika to diffusion and increase the attack and release. Sublime.

    Meditate Piano14 October 2021
  • Love!

    beautiful. Some wonderful evolving pads for a contemplative mood and play. Well done and many thanks for sharing.

    Sirin Pads14 October 2021
  • Crikey

    some powerfully deep sounds going on. Love the GUI and control aspects. Note that the Short/Long/Both in the GUI can all be switched 'off'. You can't do this from the keyboard so not sure what it does in this instance.

    Harmonic Flights14 October 2021
  • Lovely atmospheres

    Some I can use in here, very complex and evocative. Word of caution or I'm a doughnut. The default volume for Screechpad_thin and TonePad_thin is set to zero. Not sure if intentional.

    Apartment Sounds14 October 2021
  • Happy Halloween

    such wonderful dark sounds, just in time for Oct 31st! No GUI but no problem here.

    mothman14 October 2021
  • oh my

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Three great tools. Simple yet very effective. Very inspirational for a darl moonlit recording session!

    Trailer Ambient Tools14 October 2021
  • not my normal cup of tea

    Lovely sounds, not sure if I'd use them but can certainly appreciate the effort that goes into making them. Excellent quality as you'd expect from CH. GUI? what GUI? May find some inspiration though to use for sound design.

    Spanky Loops Vol.114 October 2021
  • wonderful

    Okay there's not a lot going on in the GUI but, sometimes, less is more and this sound set doesn't need anything else. Inspirational and beautiful sound design. Quality work.

    The Lowland Drones14 October 2021