The story

I created a youtube video last year about creating polyphonic, atmospheric or evolving textures using the Moog Sirin. That video can be found here:

These are 10 programs created using that material. Some of the sounds take a while to unfold. Use the ReadMe file for more info!

Reviews for Sirin Pads

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  • Love!

    beautiful. Some wonderful evolving pads for a contemplative mood and play. Well done and many thanks for sharing.

  • Evolving Ambience From A Moog...

    These long-evolving pads have a wonderful sound to them. The saw/square patches are my personal favourites. Admittedly the GUI could really benefit from an ADSR control the pads sound great!

    R.Treves21 October 2021
  • Too quiet but nice sounds

    The main issues with this instrument is that its EXTREMELY quiet and also the attack of the pads is really slow. I wish there was an option to change this for certain situations. Also for the first saw sound there is a kind of attack at the beginning of the sample that i dont like. Also since they're all pads all the nki's should just be in one instrument folder instead of each one in a different folder. Its not a huge deal but it would just be more convenient. Other than that the sound of these are pretty nice and spacey. I liked the sound of the second saw pad which didn't have that weird attack and was more mellow. Alot of these couldn't be used in an electronic or pop context because they're too slowly evolving but if your doing something spacey and want slow evolutions give it a try. You might need to throw a utility plugin on these to boost the gain too.

    septemberwalk28 October 2021
  • Super slow attack might be a dealbreaker

    The main problem is that there is a very... veeeeeery slow attack on every instrument, and there is no optin to configure that. On top of that, everything is way too damn low on volume! Like even with the kontakt volume all the way up, it won't even reach 50% - and that would be if you go really hard on the keys. They sound decent but they will be really hard to work with. Also I have to note that the file organization could be better. You have one instrument patch per folder, whereas it could easily be all 10 patches in one folder.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Good sound, some missed opportunities

    This is a cool, evolving pad with some nice analog character. Right off the bat, the attack time is set to 15 seconds, which I didn't find very playable or usable. This can be modified by digging in to Kontakt, but given that some obvious effort went into the GUI for this instrument, it sort of begs the question why control over attack wasn't included there. Speaking of the GUI interface, the II and III knobs don't seem to do anything. This might have been the perfect place to include alternate waveforms or a way to bring in processed versions of the waves. Speaking of which, the Square Pad preset was sampled with delay, which sadly, can't be removed, so it limits the usefulness of this instrument. While recorded well, the samples aren't edited very tightly in Kontakt, and there is some delay between a key press and the start of the sample. This is still a very usable pad sound, especially once you've decreased the attack time, but I get the feeling that it could have been so much more.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 28 October 2021
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