Sirin Pads

Polyphonic, atmospheric or evolving textures using the Moog Sirin...

The story

I created a youtube video last year about creating polyphonic, atmospheric or evolving textures using the Moog Sirin. That video can be found here:

These are 10 programs created using that material. Some of the sounds take a while to unfold. Use the ReadMe file for more info!


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  • Evolving Ambience From A Moog...

    These long-evolving pads have a wonderful sound to them. The saw/square patches are my personal favourites. Admittedly the GUI could really benefit from an ADSR control the pads sound great!

    R.Treves21 October 2021
  • Not bad pads

    There are some good pads in this. Sounds good. GUI could be better labelled. I can see me using the odd one here and there. Thanks for uploading.

    Steve198714 October 2021
  • Love!

    beautiful. Some wonderful evolving pads for a contemplative mood and play. Well done and many thanks for sharing.