Sirin Pads

Polyphonic, atmospheric or evolving textures using the Moog Sirin...

The story

I created a youtube video last year about creating polyphonic, atmospheric or evolving textures using the Moog Sirin. That video can be found here:

These are 10 programs created using that material. Some of the sounds take a while to unfold. Use the ReadMe file for more info!


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  • Super slow attack might be a dealbreaker

    The main problem is that there is a very... veeeeeery slow attack on every instrument, and there is no optin to configure that. On top of that, everything is way too damn low on volume! Like even with the kontakt volume all the way up, it won't even reach 50% - and that would be if you go really hard on the keys. They sound decent but they will be really hard to work with. Also I have to note that the file organization could be better. You have one instrument patch per folder, whereas it could easily be all 10 patches in one folder.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Evolving Ambience From A Moog...

    These long-evolving pads have a wonderful sound to them. The saw/square patches are my personal favourites. Admittedly the GUI could really benefit from an ADSR control the pads sound great!

    R.Treves21 October 2021
  • Not bad pads

    There are some good pads in this. Sounds good. GUI could be better labelled. I can see me using the odd one here and there. Thanks for uploading.

    Steve198714 October 2021
  • Love!

    beautiful. Some wonderful evolving pads for a contemplative mood and play. Well done and many thanks for sharing.