Trailer Ambient Tools

Piano and ebow guitars for ideal for ambient, cinematic music

The story

We at Wavelet Audio have been always trying to record and create something non-standard. Sometimes the recorded material turns out to be unsuccessful and unusable. But sometimes it turns out to be beautiful, which we want to share with everyone.

The main part of the library is a cinematic piano for the Kontakt sampler. It draws on the sound of the Soviet piano “Belarus”. The instrument used for recording was in poor condition – the piano was damaged and unstable in tuning. The imperfect pitch of the notes gives a darker and more cinematic sound, with special warmth and atmosphere. Sound control is performed by a single knob in the library interface. The Atmosphere knob enhances dark patches and spatial effects in the sound.

In addition to the piano, there are also ebow guitars. The sound of this little sound set is completely ready for use in any commercial project. Trailer Ambient Tools will fit into most styles of music, but are best at writing ambient, cinematic music and soundtracks for trailers.

Reviews for Trailer Ambient Tools

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  • oh my

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Three great tools. Simple yet very effective. Very inspirational for a darl moonlit recording session!

  • Oooooo a really pretty piano!

    There are a tone of pianos on the PB site, so it's getting a little tough to create something which stands out. This piano definitely does. I usually don't care much for sounds which already have tons of reverb on them, but the piano here won me over instantly. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is about this piano, but it has such a nice tonal balance to it, and it's far more playable than even many commercially released piano libraries. It's really great, and super inspiring. Super job!

    Sam Ecoff20 October 2021
  • A fantastic piano with extras

    This library consists of 3 patches - a piano, a distant piano, and a drone. The main piano contains only mid to high range samples, and is sampled beautifully. I especially LOVE the lower octave of this. It has such a character that is not easy to capture.

    The distant piano is called "piano signals", and it sounds like a piano through a deep deep reverb. For the two pianos, you get a nice looking "atmosphere" knob that turns down the reverberations, but not completely.

    The drone is called "Guitar Ebow" and honestly sounds quite good, but unfortunately the lack of settings will make this a hard choice. I'd still give it a try though, because you can't easily find for free such quality.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Nice

    I like it, but you know, one more piano on the mountain of piano samples. It is really more teatral piano, than normal playing thing. Maybe would be good to have something more in GUI. But overall it is great and I will have it and use it.

    leJeanvonM10 February 2022
  • Turn up your speakers

    At first i wasn't that impressed with this library but coming back to it for a second time im alot more impressed. Something i constantly have to remind myself and would like to share with you guys too is when testing a sample piano, you should turn up the speakers so its roughly the same volume as it is when you're sitting at a real piano. When your playing a real piano its pretty loud and you're very immersed in the sound. If you play sampled pianos too quietly, you will feel like the sound is boring and lacks character as i did when first trying out this. The piano sounds really nice, its probably one of my favorite non felts on the site. The tone is balanced and pretty warm and there's some nice dynamic range. Although i have more interesting guitar ebow patches its still a nice edition here. The distant piano is also great for ambient textures

    septemberwalk02 November 2021
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