A rusted gibson l6s warped to create a dirty evolving instrument...

The story

I’m a big fan of paranormal folklore, how stories can warp and evolve from person to person over time and how those stories can rise from the hopes/fears of the people they come from. Though I’m not a believer I do enjoy the ambiguity of these stories, how they are processed through the lease of each narrator they pass through and how unreliable and formless they become.

So I wanted create something that shifts and warps and is also a bit dirty. To do that I played long, changing articulations of my trusted and rusted gibson l6s with a cello bow through my hologram microcosm, into a strymon iridium on the fender model, into my uad culture vulture emulation. I’m new to creating kontakt instruments and had one day to myself to put this together to there’s no velocity layers, no wallpaper, but on the mothman(mod) instrument i figured how to add some mod wheel flair.

Thank you to this beautiful community,

-Paul Claypool


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  • Liked it - But had to do some work on it

    Liked the sound. Definitely will find a use for this. The one problem I encountered was that the instrument with the mod wheel was pointing to some unknown path so the samples did not load. Fixed this by re-pointing to the correct folder and saving.

    Syphus21 October 2021
  • Well done Mothman

    Like a cold dark windy night. Perfect for creating fear and tension. Just the kind of thing that I love. For a first attempt this is really pretty damn good. Can't wait for the next one.

    Ray19 October 2021
  • Gritty, Harsh and Phatt...

    Gritty, Harsh and Phatt... This library offers a brilliantly unique sound. Post apocalyptic drama composers should be all over this! This library best works to get those organic, industrial drone sounds but int he upper register also offers sounds colourful pad sounds. Really nice stuff!

    R.Treves19 October 2021
  • An Exceptional Pad with So Much Character

    I absolutely LOVE the dirty, evolving sound of this pad. When used well it can provide so much atmosphere and depth to a piece An absolute gem of a pad for atmospheric, paranormal, and thriller tracks, or anything in between. Unfortunately due to its lack of GUI, the versatility and star rating of this instrument will be hindered slightly. I believe an expression control wheel would have sealed the deal for this pad allowing you to really control the swells, however the brilliance of this instrument still stands nonetheless!

    Kalaish Stanley16 October 2021
  • The Mothman Cometh

    very simple and unassuming little sample pack that packs a wallop in atmospheric chills! I am a major fan of making granulated pads out of stuff so this really is right up my alley! There is no GUI but I like the Modwheel option a lot and I appreciate that there's nice long release time and looping available if you hold down a key which I quite like. Stellar Job!

    sirfache15 October 2021
  • Great sounds to be heard...

    This library truly meets the Halloween vibe as advertised. Unfortunately, the lack of a GUI holds this instrument back from being one of the best. It is generally usable, but it would benefit greatly from some time and effort spent on creating a GUI and adding controls to customize the sounds. Otherwise a great instrument!

    christopher14 October 2021
  • Happy Halloween

    such wonderful dark sounds, just in time for Oct 31st! No GUI but no problem here.

  • Bonechilling and Disturbing

    What a great sound. Especially the modwheel patch. You can score a scene with this only. Great job!

    Stephan Scholz14 October 2021
  • The creator should be proud of this

    Seriously, this is absolutely amazing. The character provided by this completely free instrument is mind-bending. Sadly, there is no GUI at all so the rating will drop because of that - but it doesn't really need a GUI, especially since there are no other options to play around. With that said, I would love to have a dark, cult inspired image just for the sake of chills. You will find two instrument options, one with and one without mod-wheel controls. I don't know why the latter exists though.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021
  • Something I haven't heard before.

    Really like this instrument for its weird textures. You can't really use it for dance music but I think it would make wonders in trailer cues or cinematic electronic compositions. It doesn't have a GUI, so only 1 star in that regard. Good job!

    Clemens13 October 2021