The Lowland Drones

Drones created from roots and Americana instruments...

The story

I created some drones from all organic sources (No synths!). Each drone is individually laid out across the white keys (almost 4 octaves) so you can pitch each one accordingly . They were primarily Roots and Americana instruments (such as Fiddle, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Dobro, Bowed Dulcimer as well as an Upright Bass). I treated them as evolving performances as I wanted them to have a lot of life and energy. The intention was to provide a foundational bed to build your cue or song on, especially if it has a swampy, southern or western vibe. I hope they inspire and serve you well!


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  • A lot to like

    I like the layers of this drone, though, like others, I wish there was a way to split them apart and/or adjust the relative volumes. If you do hold a key long enough, there are sometimes abrupt dropouts of the loudest part of the sound. But you can work around that and I definitely do!

    Just Bob16 October 2021
  • Beautiful and nature pads - cinematic

    Very, very unique drone pads! From ghostly bass drones to silky mellow drones.

    Asuka Amane15 October 2021
  • Cornocupia of sound

    I really want Joshua to take each of these single key sounds and rework them as individual instruments across a couple of octaves. It would be a killer.

    Bemused14 October 2021
  • wonderful

    Okay there's not a lot going on in the GUI but, sometimes, less is more and this sound set doesn't need anything else. Inspirational and beautiful sound design. Quality work.

  • A Grab Bag of Southern Lament

    Love the mood this sets. Sound quality is fantastic and it has character for days. I do wish that there were a few options and a few knobs for tweaking because that is my personal preference but there is a beauty in the simplicity and not knowing exactly what texture might pop up on your next note. I do wish you could at least control the attack and release though. This is a great ambience setter and I am super excited to explore all the different sample combinations!

    sirfache14 October 2021
  • The Sound of Character

    As minimal as this instrument is, it keeps delivering more and more. Each press of a key on my midi gives me a sound that I want to create something out of it. Drones that can rip your soul, raise you up in the clouds, or let you here, down on earth, wonder with or without any purpose. Practically speaking, there is a big disadvantage. The attack and release times can feel a little sudden in some cases, and unfortunately there is no setting for them. There is also no setting for dynamics or expression, that's why I am giving this a 3-star playability. Which means nothing because the quality is right up there.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021