Sid’s Reviews

  • Creative Use of Decent Sampler

    I think most of us Pianobook users think of Decent Sampler as a light weight sample player. This instrument really shows how much functionality is built in for those with tenacity and creativity. Very useful both for the sounds and for the underlying code to study. Especially for anyone who feels they must turn to Kontakt to realize their vision. By the way, the instruction manual above is a must read.

    Drone Drone27 February 2022
  • Seems to be what it says it is.

    I may be dating myself, but I had to look up SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). I never really understood the nostalgia for old computer games, and especially old computer game music. But then it doesn't represent my childhood. Not realizing what SNES stood for, I was looking for a high quality mandolin sample pack, ha ha. This is not that. So if you are looking for the sound of old computer games, this seems to fit the bill.

    Super Mandolin21 February 2022
  • Super useful

    My new go to bass. Such a small file size has it loading quickly, and I'm up and running while the inspiration is still fresh. Nice!

  • Had to resample

    The samples were great sounding, however the timing was just too loose for my taste (Decent Sampler version). So I loaded all the samples into my DAW, realigned them, normalized them for volume and resaved them. I also edited the code for the attack, tone, and reverb knobs to make them more useable. Now it is just what I need. Not sure everyone will want to take the time to do all that.

    Bedroom Drum Kit31 December 2021
  • A great kit to tweak! (DS version)

    This kit has some well recorded samples. And quite useable as is. On the other hand, if you like to tweak as I do:

    I ran them through a normalizing batch process (Audacity) to bring up the levels. The Tom was high, so I created a Mid Tom and a Low Tom using the tuning="-3.0" and -6.0 with the same samples and panned them out left, mid and right. I wasn't crazy about the one Crash sound, so I made one tuning="2.0" and one up 4 with the same samples. Be sure to check the velocity mapping, as some have the same value for the top of one range and the bottom of the other (if you trigger the kick at exactly 95, you will get two kicks. Finally, I created 4 extra round robins by making slight adjustments to the attack for each.

    So all in all, some great sounds and a good kit to tweak.

    Bedroom Drums09 February 2022