The story

This is one drumkit from the “Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums” POWERkits library in General MIDI format.

“Dry and Dirty Donut Stick – GM”

(c) 1999 Larry Seyer All Rights Reserved

This copy of the library may be freely distributed from the following URL:

It requires the free Sforzando plugin available here:

YouTube Demo:


Reviews for Dry and Dirty Donut Stick

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  • Excelente

    Son las muestras perfectas para un productor ya que su sonido es Puro para la Edicion

    Alberto02 May 2023
  • Sound's great!

    The samples sound perfect. Dry drum samples are perfect since you can add whatever reverb you need to place the kit in the same room with the rest of the band. Since making the switch to DecentSampler, I'm a little spoiled about having a beautiful interface, but SFZ gets the job done. With a well written midi file, no-one will suspect it was samples and not a live drummer.

    Sid20 November 2022