Quetzal’s Reviews

  • Perfect!

    This is really a pro instrument. I wish I could have these controls on all my payed instruments. Bravo! Well done.

    Legato Tin Whistle21 November 2021
  • An immersive sound palette!

    What an incredible atmospheric sounds!!! Immediately you get immersed in a misty sea and an enjoyable adventure of hearing soundwaves from the port. What I like mostly is the quality and the continuous development-variation of the sound. I only wish that we could have the option of a Kontakt version but I am grateful to have the samples of this library. Thanks for the amazing recordings!

    Fog Horn17 July 2022
  • A convincing sax!

    Very flowing playing even though it doesn't have a legato patch.

    Tenor Saxophone13 October 2021
  • Lovely Strings longs with a little tweak

    I really love the sound of this library, especially if you connect the mod-wheel with the "Resonance". Otherwise it would sound a little lifeless.