Peter Elfman of Stereo Static’s Reviews

  • Lusciously Textured

    If Christian came out and said this was the sample pack that inspired the 'inspired' metric of reviewing, I would believe it 100%. Chords played vary from alluring to haunting, and add wonderful textures to whatever piece they appear. This sample pack was a large inspiration in an ambient piece I wrote, that now serves as my morning alarm. I highly recommend the Discord Choir to everyone.

    The Discord Choir12 October 2021
  • Voices like none other

    This is truly one of the most amazing sample packs I have ever heard in my short career, by such a margin that I can't even imagine what it would take to dethrone Winter Voices. Lusciously textured, it's the human voice in a way that has never really been heard before. I found this absolutely perfect for those instances when you want the effect a human voice can have on a piece without sounding like everyone else's choral recordings. I was deeply inspired the moment I tried this sample pack out, spending the next few weeks of my life working on that piece. Time well spent, and I look forward to the next project that calls for these sounds. I did want to add one note; my experience is limited, so the issue may be my own, but I found use of the chorus limited, in that short notes don't play well at all out of the box, and would need a lot of additional help say, from effect plugins, automation, etc. I feel this might limited it's uses in some ways.

    Winter Voices12 October 2021
  • Not your daddy's violin

    ... unless you happen to be David's offspring, I guess. I have a strong leaning towards electronica, in all forms and shades. My favorite thing about this sample pack is that it sounds like someone manipulated a violin sample, right out of the box. I love the subtle textures that arise when playing long notes, and I love the haunting echo after releasing a short note. I've found quite a few uses for it, and tend to default to this sample pack when I want the sound of a single violin playing versus an entire section. I don't really have any notes; it's a well constructed sample pack that sounds beautiful, and I honestly can't think of a way to improve it.

    Slinky Violin12 October 2021