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  • As always Sage Reynolds has delivered

    This is a super useable 'marimba pad'. Really inspiring. I'm going to upload a demo that is just the Acro Marimba to show off how beautiful it is on it's on.
    The GUI is lovely and has basically no learning curve. The addition of compression and saturation by use of a mod wheel is great. The saturation sounds absolutely lovely and so does the reverb. In my demo you'll hear a sort of choppy distortion. This is done by in the first take riding the mod wheel a little and then going back over it and with the modwheel at near zero/0 I was just moving it ever so slightly creating this really beautiful choppy effect.
    Anyways yeah, Great instrument. Absolutely worth having in your arsenal.
    Also responds very well to eq.

    Arco Marimba: Calm/Flux19 February 2022