A beautifully sampled and designed Wurlitzer 200a from Baltimore, Maryland....

  • Decent Sampler
  • Kontakt

ChesterGwazda’s Reviews

  • Fun to play

    The ripples are fun to experiment with. I intend to use them as a base for more textural work and running it though heavy delay or reverb. The samples don't start when you hit the key, there's a slight delay, so I had to go in and manually adjust the start time on each of the ripple samples.

    Marimba Ripples15 October 2021
  • Impressive!

    There are a lot of electric guitar sample instruments out there, but this one is probably going to be a go-to for me, for leads particularly. Lots of options in one interface, and loads of samples – and the key switching makes it fun to play! I don't love that all the samples have vibrato on them because it makes playing chords a little chaotic. Also, it would be nice to have all the sample sets in one interface rather than a folder of instruments.

    RJS Guitar13 October 2021
  • Very eerie and chaotic, fun to play

    Five stars all around. I like that the samples are not too pristine, nor too chaotic starting out, which makes for a wide range of textures. If you haven't yet, grab Paul's Swarmitar on PB and also the acoustic Swarmitar on his website. All top notch instruments, but the Swarminet is the standout in my opinion. One tweak I suggest is mapping the mod wheel to the swarm knob. By default it's mapped to the filter knob.

    The Swarminet13 October 2021
  • Texture Toolkit must-have

    You probably won't write compositions around this instrument, but I find it so so useful for adding body/texture. I only recently downloaded this but I've already used it in a bunch of projects. No frills, just a handful of good steady feedback tones. I like that there's not too much processing, so you can treat it in whatever way suits the project. Go-to when I want a drone or texture that doesn't sound too synthy/electronic.

    Octave Feedback13 October 2021
  • Fun inspiring retro choir

    I really like the FOF Choir instrument, but this takes it to a new level. This instrument is incredibly fun to play and experiment with, and when you get something cool out of it you can almost hear the rest of the arrangement building up around it. The matrix idea would be good for all kinds of sounds, but I think it's particularly well suited for the FOF Choir.

    FOF Choir – Matrix13 October 2021
  • Classic Compu-Choir

    This has that quintessential 90's computer voice sound and I love it! It's a little limited, and you need to load a separate instrument to get the vowel morphing. The GUI is cool, but takes a little experimentation to figure out. Also, I noticed it clips pretty easily, so might require backing off the main output level. Make sure you check out FOF Choir Matrix!

    FOF Choir13 October 2021
  • My go-to acoustic kit

    It's just a simple dry, deadened kit, and it works so well for so many things. I have even triggered it to blend in with live recorded kits! HOWEVER: I do have a gripe, which is that some of the samples have clicks and extraneous noise. It's worth taking the time – as I did – to go into the wave editor and fix some of the samples. Now that this kit is part of my workflow, I really don't want to ever be without it!

    Soft Drums13 October 2021
  • Nice soft piano with a little extra

    I really really like the addition of the low octave on this. And it pairs well with the natural character of the piano. My only two issues: 1: I'm not a fan of the scratchy, wirey attack sound. It's on a lot of sample sets – especially soft pianos – so I think some like it, but I find it distracting. Plus in this instrument the attack panned, right for high notes, left for low ones. 2: The GUI is lovely looking but it's not super intuitive, so it takes some time to experiment and figure it out.

    Midnight Upright13 October 2021
  • Great Tape Piano... some caveats

    Ada's Distorted Piano is really fun to play! It has a wobbly tape effect baked into the samples. There is a knob to bring in a long reverb tail, but the reverb signal has issues. First, it's a group of samples all to its own, but having listened to them seems like something that could be accomplished with a send effect... maybe not. The BIGGEST issue with the instrument is that the samples in the reverb group are mapped all wrong, so some of them will be transposed, even different velocities on the same note. Once that is revises, it will be a great instrument!