A beautifully sampled and designed Wurlitzer 200a from Baltimore, Maryland....

The story

I’m new to Kontakt and sampling in general, and love the idea behind Pianobook. I wanted to contribute so I sampled my Wurlitzer 200a. This was a learning exercise for me. Wallpaper and knobs are images of my piano.

There are three sets of samples: direct, XY pair on the speaker (only one works), and XY pair for the inside mechanical sounds. Also release triggers, which are grouped with the mechanical sounds.

I attempted to use a contact mic, but the results were not really useful.

It’s named BaltiWurli because I am a proud resident of Baltimore, Maryland.

Chester Gwazda


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  • So close to perfection!

    I just retracted one star from Playability only because the release is waaaay to short and it restricts you from playing so many other stuff other than fast jazz lines. If it had a release knob it would literally be one of the best Pianobook instruments I've tested. I personally try adding one through Kontakt's Edit Mode, but it didn't do anything. I figured that just a little bit of reverb makes it a lot better though. I also recommend turning the mechanical noises down since they contain a bunch of white noise, unless you want to go for that Lo-Fi feel of course... Other than that, perfect sound, perfect GUI, awesome character and very inspiring. Please add a release knob and tag me on Twitter!

    Alex Raptakis21 October 2021
  • A decent Wurlitzer

    I'm a huge electric piano fan and this library here, especially in the middle octaves can sound quite convincing, especially for chord progressions. For some reason playing melodies with individual notes doesn't sound as good though. One possible reason: there is no control to influence the sustain / decay / release of the sound, so you are basically stuck with one articulation, that might or might not work for the task at hand. One can still influence the sound somehow by mixing the amount of direct mic and speaker mic, though the speaker signal alone sounds a bit off. Not bad for the first sampling attempt I doubt I could create something better, a future version could benefit from more velocity layers and better transitions between them, round robins for less repetitive sound and longer notes sampled with ADSR controls to have more influence on the articulation. Thanks!

    Synthiemental20 October 2021