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I’m new to Kontakt and sampling in general, and love the idea behind Pianobook. I wanted to contribute so I sampled my Wurlitzer 200a. This was a learning exercise for me. Wallpaper and knobs are images of my piano.

There are three sets of samples: direct, XY pair on the speaker (only one works), and XY pair for the inside mechanical sounds. Also release triggers, which are grouped with the mechanical sounds.

I attempted to use a contact mic, but the results were not really useful.

It’s named BaltiWurli because I am a proud resident of Baltimore, Maryland.

Chester Gwazda

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  • So close to perfection!

    I just retracted one star from Playability only because the release is waaaay to short and it restricts you from playing so many other stuff other than fast jazz lines. If it had a release knob it would literally be one of the best Pianobook instruments I've tested. I personally tried adding one through Kontakt's Edit Mode, but it didn't do anything. I figured that just a little bit of reverb makes it a lot better though.

    I also recommend turning the mechanical noises down since they contain a bunch of white noise, unless you want to go for that Lo-Fi feel of course...

    Other than that, perfect sound, perfect GUI, awesome character and very inspiring. Please add a release knob and tag me on Twitter!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Finally

    I really do have a soft spot for Wurlitzer El Pno and this is the one I've found closest to the real instrument character, way better than many commercial proposals I would say.
    Very inspiring.
    I'm agree also that there are some loose ends here and there, but what a magnificent starting point !

    PG20 January 2023
  • Love the GUI and controls

    I agree with the people below me that the sustain is an issue with this instrument and can make it hard to convincingly play melodies. If you have a sustain pedal which i do, this can really extend things but it still kind of feels like its dying off too fast. With that being said the sound of this is awesome, clear and silky. The GUI is also extremely cool with the designed knobs, mechanical and electrical noise and the overall retro look. I think this has a-lot of potential if you felt like doing an upgrade. Great job anyway though. ADSR controls would definitely be a good place to start and the more round robins the better.

    septemberwalk31 October 2021
  • Very nice Wurlitzer

    The BaltiWurli piano sample is an excellent and unique addition to the Pianobook library. The XY pair samples add an extra dimension of realism and expression, allowing you to control the tone and balance of the piano.

    I also appreciate the inclusion of the mechanical sounds, which add a touch of character to the piano. These sounds are well-recorded and the instrument is very usable

    Julian DoeSamplist 14 November 2023
  • the harmonics are awesome

    this library exactly what it says the box the low end of the library is a grate way to fill in the low in heavy manner overall a good library and a tad of reverb with long tail can take this library to a whole new level

    de silva17 November 2021
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