invisiblelandscape’s Reviews

  • If this is the final chapter please write a new book!

    I've always been a fan of sine sounds as they tend to work in a variety of contexts.

    While the sounds are relatively simple the programming really brings them alive and adds a lot of character.

    The main downside is the the lack of any controls on the GUI. Adding some basic FX controls and ASDR etc. would make them even more usable.

    Sinewaves Vol.323 February 2022
  • Very Nice!

    Great set of sounds and the multi's are very usable. Looking forward to more.

  • My Favorite Piano So Far!

    I haven't gone through every piano here yet, but so far this is by far my favorite.

    I much prefer original character over endless permutations of stale/pristine pianos and this one has plenty of it. I'm also a fan of the Olafur Arnalds Felt Piano and Soft Piano from Spitfire but I'm gravitating more to this one lately.

    The only downside is the upload is missing the Kemble.nkr file so it gives multiple errors when loaded and the interface is blank and there are no controls.

    27 November 2021
  • Great take on a classic sound

    As a massive Sigur Rós fan for 20+ years this was an immediate download. Please try more Sigur Rós style sounds ;)
    While it's quite different than the original, that's what great about trying to emulate, "failure" creates something original.

    While easy to use external FX, a HP filter would be very useful as it can be quite resonant at times which might not be ideal for a background layer. A Replika delay and convolution reverb could add more creative possibilities. An option to play the samples in reverse would be cool too.

    Granular Flickers28 May 2022
  • Nice character!

    I really like the character of these sounds. Really dirty but cool.
    Many of them seem to have a pitch modulation in the same spot which can make them sound similar

    The nki files seemed to be saved with absolute paths so they all come up missing the samples.

    Would be nice in something like Photosynthesis to have more control over the sounds.

    RUSTY M00G02 June 2022