Flute Fields (Noises)

A clarinet and a beautiful Indian flute processed in a variety of ways.

The story

Recording beautiful, realistic samples is never an easy task for anyone, so why bother? This is my trusty clarinet I’ve had since age 7, and an Indian flute collected by my father whilst travelling there, sampled and blended in a variety of ways.
Both instruments feature a harmonics patch, created by removing the fundamental from the sample, as well as two warps.
I’ve also included a variety of multis, but I highly encourage anyone interested to try blending these sounds themselves instead.

Reviews for Flute Fields (Noises)

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  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Realy good sounding set of instruments

    I was realy suprised by this library. Olli, you made very beautyfull and atmospheric instruments, which sounds awesome when they are mixed together. Some of them are subtle evolve in time. Ready sets of multi-instruments are also well chosen for fast start.

    There is only one thing that stopped me to give 5 star in every category. Connecting volume with velocity are unnatural to this type of instruments (ADSR are also not good idea in woodwinds). I had to do manualy many volume evenlopes when creating a demo of this library. I will be glad if you can release version with mod wheel controling volume and remove it from velocity. It will save my time :)

    Thnx for this library.

    Maciej03 June 2022
  • Lovely stuff

    Presets a-plenty! Some gorgeous sounds in here - atmospheric and beautiful. Lots to explore and surprisingly versatile.

    johnparttimer01 June 2022
  • Very Nice!

    Great set of sounds and the multi's are very usable. Looking forward to more.

    invisiblelandscape02 June 2022
  • A collection of cool, spacey textures

    This is a great collection of 'preset' style pads generated from acoustic instrument sounds. The overall sound is generally a kind of 'sci-fi' vibe, great for eerie space noise. Everything sounds great and easily creates a mood, though I think it could've benefited from at least some ADSR controls in the UI to tweak the attack & release to taste.

    Eamon01 June 2022