Bob Ellis’s Reviews

  • My Favourite Pianobook Instrument

    FluteViolin Sustain FX instrument is my favourite Pianobook sound and probably appears on 50% of my tracks. It evokes such an atmosphere and is a great scene setter/intro instrument.

    Flute+Violin14 October 2021
  • Like no other

    The story behind this pack is gold as is the result of all the submissions, curating and mixing. You could write a cue or an intro with just these. This is Pianobook at its finest.

    Winter Voices14 October 2021
  • Outstanding

    This is in my template and is one of my favourite Pianobook instruments.

    Micah’s Choir14 October 2021
  • A different choir

    I used this on a space album with tons of verb and it worked so well. Full of character.

    The Meyer Choir14 October 2021
  • One of my Pianobook Favourites

    Pianos are such personal instruments but I have a couple in my favourite folder and this is one of them.

    Mason & Hamlin Model A14 October 2021