Monington and Weston (M&W) Toolkit and Pad

Mangled sounds from a M&W piano transformed into a pad....

The story

When I sampled my M&W Piano ( I didn’t really get Christian’s message which I now call “Sample and Mangle” so here is my attempt to mangle and I find they complement the M&W Piano well (when the volume is set at the right level for the pads). Also please could you add a YouTube link ( to my Monington and Weston page as Christian reviewed it at minute 14 🙂

The folder contains two Kontact Instruments:

1. Toolkit. Using the drop down menu which contains:

* Decay Pad with Reverb
* Slow Build Pad is “Decay Pad” reversed
* Swell Pads 1/2/3 are “Decay Pad” and “Slow Build Pad” layered together but with different effects and in particular Pad 3 is detuned
* M&W GM Drum Kit is made up entirely form the Original M&W Piano samples and mapped to General MIDI
*Seq for arpegiator use
* Bass Seq for Bass use though I think this a weak sample

2. Pad. This uses the Swell Pad 2 and Swell Pad 3 with the Mod Wheel mixing between the two

Sorry I didnt label the samples correctly but the “C” should read “C3” and the images are for the GUIs.


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  • Good sound, weird execution!

    The piano pad, awesome. It has quite the character inside it, and you can blend the two different sounds with the modwheel. Nice! As for the Toolkit pad... Well let's just say that it is not executed that well, and I find that some stuff inside are almost irrelevant and very awkward to use. For example, on this patch the volume is controlled by the velocity, not by the modwheel which seems counter-intuitive, especially since the other patch has the modwheel do something. But that's not the problem at all. Inside that patch there is a setting that lets you pick between 8 different instruments, 5 pads, which are really nice and work really well, 2 weird synths that I don't know why they really exist, and an awkward synth-like drum kit which you don't get to see the key-range because it highlights the entire keyboard - possibly because of the other instruments. With that said, these are extras and you can just ignore them. Or maybe you find something in them, you never know!

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021