JTW_Music’s Reviews

  • Wonderfully original

    What an imaginative, creative library this is! Very expressive, very different. This is top-notch.

    Upright Bass Drum12 October 2021
  • Character

    You've really captured the essence of this horn. A bit more buttery than a trombone, but not as chewy as a euphonium. What a treat it was to find something like this.

    1956 Tenor Horn13 October 2021
  • Very extensive library!

    So much variety and contrast in this library. Really enjoying the colours and timbres available. This must have taken a ton of work.

    Mellow FM13 October 2021
  • Fantastic!

    What a great library! The sounds are enormously expansive, yet delicate and intimate.

  • Great sounds

    Great sounding samples. Thank you for making this!

    Guitar Textures13 October 2021