The story

We usually associate Frequency Modulation with bright, metallic, even harsh tones. Actually, when used sparingly, FM is able to convey very warm sounds.
I created the raw samples with Serum and Dexed, then I applied some processing (tape emulation, pitch wobbling, tremolo etc) for further instability.
Here you’ll find 54 instruments and 26 multis, divided in three categories: arpeggios – featuring the excellent stock arpeggiator script – (ARP), keyboards/pianos (KEY), pads/strings (PAD).
Use the modulation wheel for further modulation and tone shaping.
Special thanks to David Hilowitz for his great tutorials, especially the ones on custom graphics and smart round robin.

Reviews for Mellow FM

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  • FM Lives!

    Lots of great FM synth textures, with an emphasis on bubbling, gentle arpeggiations, unobtrusive pads, and muted sounding keys. These sounds are well recorded, and generally well programmed. There were a few presets that lost track of their samples, but that was easy enough to correct. Overall, a highly useable and inspiring library. I feel confident this will be appearing in some of my tunes soon.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 28 October 2021
  • Sounds so "analogue".

    I love this. A huge array of amazing warm sounds. Wonderful soft arpeggios and detailed evolving pads. I have used these sounds for a range of projects already. A sample pack I keep coming back to.

  • Warm and Fuzzy FM?

    I wasn't expecting to be literally swept away by some of these sounds but had spent an hour not just trying out the sounds but really getting lost in the sounds, especially the pads. Warm FM! It's a thing. And using the modwheel was like opening a present - what surprise am I going to get this time? Great job, Franceso!

    Eric12 February 2022
  • Bladerunner Feels

    Mellow FM is simply extraordinairy. This will be an amazing addition to your ambient pad instruments. While the GUI has only a Delay and a Reverb slider, you will find dozens of preset instruments and multis. Sure it would be much prefered to be able to tweak it yourself, but this is a reminder that we choose to hear what the artist wants us to.

    Note: I can't understand why the mod-wheel is on reverse - as you put it down, it grows instead. Weird and counter-intuitive.
    Nevertheless, this instrument is an instant favourite!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • My favourite user interface on the pianobook site

    If I had to describe my perfect instrument it would probably be something pretty close to this. As with his superb 'WLP - Whole Lotta Pads' contribution, Francesco has supplied numerous patches and each of them is eminently inspiring and characterful. I was so impressed with the sounds in 'Mellow FM' that I've used it on multiple projects and just know I'll be returning to it again and again. I love the simplicity, elegance and functionality of the delay and reverb sliders, to me the ideal marriage of form and function. Once more, thank you, Francesco.

    wordsSHIFTminds05 November 2021
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