Mellow FM

Raw FM samples create with Serum and Dexed made mellow through processing...

The story

We usually associate Frequency Modulation with bright, metallic, even harsh tones. Actually, when used sparingly, FM is able to convey very warm sounds.
I created the raw samples with Serum and Dexed, then I applied some processing (tape emulation, pitch wobbling, tremolo etc) for further instability.
Here you’ll find 54 instruments and 26 multis, divided in three categories: arpeggios – featuring the excellent stock arpeggiator script – (ARP), keyboards/pianos (KEY), pads/strings (PAD).
Use the modulation wheel for further modulation and tone shaping.
Special thanks to David Hilowitz for his great tutorials, especially the ones on custom graphics and smart round robin.


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  • Who said FM was cold?

    Just goes to show how wrong they were. Very warm pads in here. Used in my demo - A Lost Conversation

    Bemused15 October 2021
  • Some Patches don't work for me, but great sound

    The patches that do work for me in this library sound awesome and I've used them in a track but this is the second instrument from Francesco that Either completely doesn't work for me, or only some patches work. Please somebody who knows how to fix reach out to Francesco because he makes really awesome sounds but most of the time Kontakt won't play them :

    septemberwalk15 October 2021
  • A bit pf nostalgia

    My first professional synth was a DX7 which I still have. The FM synthesis of the Mellow FM gives me a nostalgic feeling. Pad sounds are beautifully warm. Easy to use GUI allows me to get to just sound I was thinking of.

    Steve198714 October 2021
  • Very extensive library!

    So much variety and contrast in this library. Really enjoying the colours and timbres available. This must have taken a ton of work.

    JTW_Music13 October 2021
  • Bladerunner Feels

    Mellow FM is simply extraordinaire. This will be an amazing addition to your ambient pad instruments. While the GUI has only a Delay and a Reverb slider, you will find dozens of preset instruments and multis. Sure it would be much prefered to be able to tweak it yourself, but this is a reminder that we choose to hear what the artist wants us to. Note: I can't understand why the mod-wheel is on reverse - as you put it down, it grows instead. Weird and counter-intuitive. Nevertheless, this instrument is an instant favourite!

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021
  • Synth feeling analog

    The sound is really really good ! It feels like an old analog keyboard we love to hear. There is a lot of presets in this library, from arpeggiator to pads. It's perfect for retro music.

    Oathr12 October 2021
  • Rich sounds

    I'm not a fan of sampled synths with no user control. But in a mix these could be great for creating thick, lustrous pads and arps. Almost no user control, but they sound great.

    ddailey12 October 2021
  • Deep and wide-ranging

    Simply put - an excellent instrument. A huge array of creative multis and individual sounds. It sounds fantastic and is very inspirational. Love it.

    johnparttimer12 October 2021