St. Helen’s Clarinet Pad

A clarinet and a viola combined into a blended pad....

The story

This instrument is the perfect example of two instruments, lacking that special something by themselves, coming together to form a beautiful whole.

I had asked my friend Catriona, a seasoned clarinet teacher at St. Helen and St. Katharine in Oxfordshire, to provide some breathy samples for me. I always tended to shy away from this instrument in composition. I’m not sure why, it just never moved me the way, say, an oboe did, but it does have this lovely, fragile, autumnal and woody tone.

The other instrument was created by me (very not a string player) playing (very badly) a very scratchy note on a viola (later discovered to be G#6). I fed this into PaulStretch and added some tape saturation and splosh. Again, a cool instrument, but incomplete by itself.

On blending the two together, the viola pad, mixed a little lower, made a perfect reverb bed for the clarinet instrument. So here it is as a multi – pre-blended, but feel free to dial in the amounts yourself.

A perfect instrument to mark drawn-in evenings and clocks going back.


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  • Warm and deep sounding pad

    very nice! It is combined with viola/clarinet and of course you can use them separately. Each has very nicely warm sound and I love their lower range where they have such a deep and fat sound.

    Asuka Amane17 October 2021
  • Expansive and Flowing

    All of the sounds in this instrument are beautifully put together and create some amazing atmospheres and synthesizer-like textures. I will definitely be using these in the near future. As with other libraries of yours, a custom GUI would be super helpful in letting the user control and customize the sound to their liking, ultimately making it a more versatile instrument. Cheers!

    christopher14 October 2021
  • Fantastic!

    What a great library! The sounds are enormously expansive, yet delicate and intimate.

    JTW_Music13 October 2021