Straight Maths

A generic percussive instrument emulator powered by Maths...

The story

“Your stuff is all dark and gloomy. Can’t you do anything nice and bright?,” they enquired.

“Of course. All I need is some maths…” I replied.

Here, with some help from Fourier, Risset, Karplus and Strong, is Decent Sampler pretending to be a generic percussive instrument emulator.

S is the basic underlying sine wave that probably plays the fundamental pitch.
M is medium length percussive metallic timbres. Tizz is oftne the word people use…
W is short length (fast decay) percussive wooden timbres. Tumb is one word people assign to woody sounds…

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to set a couple of Mic sliders from the left from S, M and W, and then set the sliders on the right to taste.


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  • A hint of the 80s...

    Really cool synthesizer that holds up on for both the low and high ends. It reminds me of the one used in the Stranger Things introduction. One thing that I notice as a common theme among your instruments are fantastic interfaces, but also very complicated ones. We might benefit from short tutorial videos on how to use them and get the best sounds out of the instrument. This is definitely a go-to download for anybody looking for a powerful synth with a slight 80s vibe. Great job!

    christopher13 October 2021