The story

One of the interesting things about speech is that you can reverse-engineer it to get the frequency response of the human vocal tract – the throat, mouth, lips, nose, teeth, tongue, etc. You can then manipulate that spectrum to extract the main ‘pitched’ part (the ‘musical’ bit), plus everything else (noise, harmonics, stray frequencies… – all the ‘interesting’ stuff!). These two parts can then be mixed to give different blends between ‘pitched’ and ‘noisy’ – it’s a primitive synthesis technique, but it is easy to use, and can be very effective.

‘Spoken Pads’ started out with several minutes of plain ordinary talking (not singing!), and ended up with Pitch P and Noise N parts, selectable via the two rows of ‘mic’ sliders. You can mis-match the parts if you want to… All exploration is encouraged! The Pitch row also has two different octave sine waves (Ss) if you want a stronger sense of pitch. The Noise row also has two resonances (Xx) that can emphasize or augment the tube-like characteristics of the human vocal tract.

‘Spoken Padz’ – note the ‘z’ – puts detune deep into the parts, rather than just putting a chorus on the output. This sounds a lot more synthetic in timbre.

Sound-wise, Spoken Pads/Padz sits somewhere between a vocal pad and a synthetic pad sound – the ‘mic’ sliders provide a lot of variation in spectral content, including some where the harmonics are very strong, which can make the pitch a little ‘nebulous’… Using the ADSR envelope controls, you can move outside of the slow AR ‘pad’ envelope shape and go percussive, if you wish.

MIDI Controllers

1 ‘Modulation Wheel’ controls the Low-pass Filter Cut-off Frequency Tone

11 ‘Expression’ controls the output volume

19 ‘General Purpose 4’ controls the Reverb Wet/Dry mix


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  • Spooky and angelic textured choir pad

    I am almost a choir geek, I tend to download all the choir libraries available. This is very close to my favorite, a little between spooky textured and angelic textured voice. If you like a different taste of choir, you should try this out!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Ghostly

    Some great sounds!

    Caift15 October 2021
  • Odd and unsettling in a good way!

    I love it when people go outside of the box and create something that is truly unusual and inspirational. The sounds that can be created using these pads helps the creative process when working on the mood and atmosphere of a composition.

    Robert GutschowSamplist 22 October 2021
  • Nicely different

    Fits my dark ambient very good. Some sounds are a heavy load for my humble iPad air2, I would appreciate lighter versions of the sounds in general.

    electri-fire18 October 2021
  • Haunting!

    If you're in need of some spooky ambient sounds, this is the pack for you. With a bit of tweaking you can really hone in to what you're looking for. For me, the only thing that would make this better is If it included a reverse granular reverb type cloud FX feature to give a bit of more movement. Overall, pretty unique and worth a download.

    Jake18 October 2021
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