Something out of your worst nightmares...

The story

Hidden in the depths of the ‘OnOffScrape’ samples that I submitted previously, were some sounds that were reminiscent of riffling through a pack of cards. A nice pleasant sound, that evokes after-dinner cards, a roaring fire, convivial atmosphere and all that.

Unfortunately, that isn’t how this project turned out. Something very, very nasty got into my Decent Sampler, and what I ended up with was something out of your worst nightmares, or a monster from a sci-fi film, or deepest darkest anime. RiffleOne is my first attempt at peeking out from behind the settee with a ‘Sound Effects’ instrument. You play these sounds in a darkened room at your own risk!

Volume 1 is percussive. Volume 2 is slower. Volume 3 is slowest and darkest. Mix to taste. It goes without saying that reverb is de rigeur for this type of sound, but I’m betting that someone will try using them dry and close up in binaural with with a dummy head!


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  • Useful element for your soundscapes?

    I love making these kind of sounds myself actually, and could use it as a layer in AUM. However, I have developed my own workflow, and find Decent Sampler to buggy and unreliable on my modest iPad to use it for this sound. That said, thusfar I find your uploads compatible with my taste or at least interesting and out of the ordinary. Thank you.

    electri-fire18 October 2021
  • Spooky and scary interesting sound

    Very scary set of sounds! The lower you go, the spookier it gets. I think this can be used for cinematic tracks.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • A good type of nightmare...

    This instrument definitely fits the description of "scary" sounds that fall into more of a sound effects category rather than pitched instruments. Overall, it's not exactly my taste, but I definitely see a potential use for this type of instrument and sound. If you're looking for a synthetic, rattling type atmosphere for your piece, then this is the way to go!

    christopher13 October 2021