Parallel Inversions

Organ drawbars from a parallel universe...

The story

In a parallel universe to our own, something went wrong when organ drawbars were invented… And now an instrument from that universe has leached through into our own.

Parallel Inversions looks disarmingly familiar. There are strange ‘drawbars’ that look like they are based on the notes of the octave (which they are), a pure sine wave basic tone, comprehensive envelope control, and the mysterious A-K drawbars which do something with the tone. So the ‘drawbars’ actually do parallel notes, whilst a hidden feature does random inversions of notes and can’t be turned off.

The end result sounds like it definitely does not come from this universe.


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  • Randomness!

    It's not entirely clear how this instrument works, but you simply have to be satisfied that it works, and hope for a happy accident to come your way. This instrument offers up tone wheel type sounds with additional random notes which seem to change over time. This probably wouldn't be the first instrument you'd want to reach for when you know exactly what you want, but it could well be high on the list for those moments when you're searching for inspiration. Very interesting and cool!

    Sam Ecoff20 October 2021
  • The Krell would love this.

    More than 20 faders and a hand full of knobs in my iPad , with my eyes I cannot read what they do, nor do I get it by randomly adjusting stuff. This thing is wierd, playing the same chord again and again will have different timbres each hit. Each played interval will have different beat frequencies. It reminds me of krell patches on modular synths. Avant garde stuff Heinbach would love, and so do I, even if I do not have a clue what I’m doing.

    electri-fire18 October 2021
  • Warm pipe organ kind of texture

    It sounds like a pipe organ. Very warm, tender sound. Detuned texture gives an interesting effect.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Sine wave organ...

    This instrument serves great as a sine wave-type synthesizer with some extra that one would normally see on standard organs. It sounds great overall and will work well with almost any piece.

    christopher13 October 2021