Moody, atmospheric and scary sounds made from pedal footswitches...

The story

You know the tiny little scraping sounds that you get when you push a foot switch? Well, these are those, but slowed down and tuned into stereo monsters. The raw material for these sounds was left-overs from trying to get a good sample of a foot-switch, but, as often happens, it is everything except what you wanted that is actually usable. It seems that foot-switches are a bit like triangles – there’s one ‘classic’ sound, and it is hard to record properly so that it has exactly the right characteristic sound that people expect. However, in the process, lots of other sounds gets recorded too – and this is where the ‘gold’ is hidden. No need for a rainbow, either. The ‘OnOffScrapes2’ instrument is moody, atmospheric and scary, and not at all suited for nice melodic hooks. As with the original ‘OnOffScrapes’, this is a second learning exercise for David Hilowitz’s excellent ‘Decent Sampler’.


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  • A nice extension to the original...

    OnOffScrapes 2 is more of an extension rather than a revision of the original. Where the first library had more tonal sounds, this one has sharper and more "foley-like" sounds. The two libraries together are a unique collection of hits, and though they may not fit in a traditional style score, they are definitely worth a try if you're using more electronic instruments. Again, it's another great example of how the common sounds we hear can be turned into music.

    christopher13 October 2021