Music Box DLX

A music box processed through guitar pedals, outboard effects and plugins...

The story

Inspired by all the creative people here on Pianobook, I set out to make the most out of some samples of a small music box I had lying around. I captured the music box with two condenser mics in an XY-configuration through my Apollo x6. I then started to run these samples through guitar pedals, outboard effects and plugins to create unique textures. The result is 9 layers of sounds that you can combine freely to create your own version of my music box.

Have fun, and be sure to let me know if you use it in some of your compositions!

All the best,
Henrik “Cobber” Hansson, Malmö, Sweden


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  • Not Your Grandmother's Music Box

    Wow I was not expecting... this. So many layers to mix in and so many parameters. I am in music box heaven! GUI is next level too. I love how there is even a VCF filter section as well as multiple great sounding fx. You can use it for an organic music box, as a more synthlike texture, and even more out of the box sound design! Really knocked it out of the park!! Looking forward to creating some patches with this for sure.

    sirfache24 October 2021
  • Whoa! The ultimate music box on PB!

    Everything about this library is incredible. It starts with an immaculately sampled music box, but what really takes it tot he next level is the amazing GUI which offers not only chorus, delay, and reverb, but also gives the user access to the sample processed through various pedals and other external gear. This library is simply awesome!

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021
  • Just phenomenal

    This is hands down one of the best libraries I've come across on this platform, and I've seen my share of good ones. The sound is absolutely incredible, and the wide range of effects and options given in the library makes this such a widely usable instrument. It's honestly incredible that this is just being given away for free, as this rivals some of the professional libraries I've come across. Seriously solid work!

    Hidde Pieters15 October 2021