The story

I recently picked up a Korg MS20 Mini (from none other than Matt Bowdler aka The Unfinished) and fell in love with the rich yet nasty sounds I could create from it. Given it’s a semi-modular synth I thought I would see if I could combine it with some of my other modular rig.

With some clever patching (to overcome the differences between Note CV and triggers) I was able to add an additional oscillator from my Moog DFAM and also patch the results back through the DFAM’s filter (with envelope generator for extra pluckiness). To add even more grit I sent that output through the wave folder algorithm of the Happy Nerding FX AID XL.

Lots of colourful patch cables later and I had 3 VCOs, 5 Filters and a wave folder to shape the sound. I captured a few different variations as samples. You can dial in as much of each patch as you want to build you own nasty combinations.


Stephen Tallamy


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