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I really love the sound of the Pianet T electric piano. I like that is doesn’t quiet have the status of a Wurlitzer or Fender Rhodes. This is due to some of limitations in dynamic range, lack of preamp or lack of sustain pedal.

So I have created decent sampler instrument based on the samples from the Pianet T. But I have added extra features so it now has a tremolo. Reverb, delay and chorus can also be added to create dreamy layers. The piano can be played dynamically and sustain can now be applied.


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  • Great sound!

    There are already many pianos on pianobook and I always hesitate testing new ones. I did it this time, and to me delight, the sound is really great and original! Well done, thank you!

    Jaime's Tone04 November 2022
  • I'm certainlu downloading this one

    I love this instrument. My review title expresses my feeling well.

    Jon27 February 2023
  • Simple and simply lovely...

    This sounded very clean and musical straight away. I suppose it's a simple sound but I found it was very expressive especially in the high registers and the very low notes had a slight growl to them. Not a criticism but I don't know if that is a feature of the original?
    In any case Dean has done a great job in the sampling and implementation. Given the original was used by an obscure 60's band called The Beatles I should think this sample would have broad appeal and deservedly so. Thanks very much to Dean or the care he has taken with this.

    martiman05 November 2022
  • Lovely instrument

    A lovely little EP with it's own unique style. The slight grunge in it favours passing it through some distortion or compression to really bring those tones out.

    QorbeQSamplist 08 December 2022
  • Classic E-Piano Tones

    I love that this instrument was made with the aim of testing out the use of an LFO within Decent Sampler, because the vibrato/tremolo effect provided by the LFO is what really made this instrument for me.

    The other modulation and effects options are all useful and helpful as well, but that mellow vibrato creates an instant feeling that I love.

    Jake Hendriksen13 November 2022
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