The story

Imagine Piano was recorded at the Hard Days Night hotel in Liverpool, England. With 2 different velocity layers and key release samples, the unique character of this piano has been captured in stunning detail.
Recorded with 6 different microphones split into three groups. Including Two omnidirectional pairs and one xy stereo pair of cardioid microphones.
Each set of mics can be used individually or blended to bring out different timbres of the piano. All samples were recorded, pedal down, at 48Khz 24Bit and noise reduced in Izotope RX.
The effects controls, reverb and delay, allow further manipulation. The tape delay can be used to recreate that famous piano sound adored by the likes of John Lennon.
Experience the intimacy and realism of Imagine Piano.


Reviews for Imagine Piano

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  • Best Piano ever

    This is honestly the best Piano I have ever used! Outstanding work, considering that it's free too!!

    jxnas30 November 2023
  • A good sounding lightweight with character

    This piano library does not take up much space on the hard drive for the fact that three microphone positions can be selected and mixed. Of course this has to do with the fact that, unless I'm mistaken, no round robins were recorded and there are not as many samples per microphone as with other libraries, but two velocity layers and even key release samples are included.

    The three freely mixable microphone positions give the possibility to adjust the sound of the piano and allow for some viarance in the sound, I like this very much! The simple GUI still offers a reverb and a delay, which makes this piano ideal for a quick jam or to capture an idea.

    Especially for people who are looking for a piano that requires little storage space on the hard drive but still want a good sounding and easy to use instrument that offers a variety of sounds, this sample instrument can be highly recommended!

    robergSamplist 19 July 2023