The story

I created this Kontakt instrument from recording an old 1960’s Rosedale/Magnus chord organ bought on a nostalgic whim from Marketplace, my grandmother had one and as a child I used to tinker with it. The original organ sounds very much like an accordion, is noisy and quite frankly not at all inspiring so I set about recording it, noise reducing, editing it, making a basic instrument from which to then play through some of my external guitar pedals which resulted in a rather eerie organ type pad that shimmers (hence the ice title). Once recorded, edited and added to Kontakt, I built a basic interface to apply some further effect processing that can add even more weirdness and distortion too.. I hope you like it 🙂

Here’s a video on how I made it, it’s quite lengthy and is a first attempt at a demo for an instrument so please be gentle, thanks.


Si Gordon


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  • Simultaneously Modern and Old-Timey

    I enjoy the tone of this, although as noted, it doesn't sound like a chord organ any longer!

    The UI is pleasant-looking and useful. Saturation (a little goes a long way!), to chorus and phaser, to rotary speaker (my favorite!), LP, HP, and AR, there's a lot that can be done with this instrument.

    Incidentally, I scanned through the accompanying video showing Si's process, and I found that quite interesting and good, from what I saw of it. I plan to go back when I'm not in "review mode" and see what info I can glean from it!

    Jake Hendriksen28 January 2023