The story

I bought my wife a new electric toothbrush earlier in the year, one night whilst lying in bed she was brushing her teeth in the ensuite and I was really attracted to the tone of the toothbrush, thinking ‘I must record that and make an instrument’.

Forward wind a few months and it’s exactly what I did, routing the sampled brush through my Moog Grandmother for additional guitar pedal type processing. I kept it quite simple as I was keen to add some effects on the Kontakt instrument itself, so went with an additional low-level 4′ pulse wave mixed with the original toothbrush sound and then used some simple filtering on the Grandmother.

Each note on the Grandmother has been sampled at 2 different velocities and then added to Kontakt 7 where each velocity note has been looped for continual playback. I have added some EQ & Compression within the chain of instrument effects, these are not available on the front panel like the other effects. All FX can be changed ‘under the hood’. I have left the interface quite simple and self-explanatory to use…

Have fun and enjoy the sound, here’s a quick video of the process.. any feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Si Gordon

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