The story

Crystal Tones was born out of a recent recording session for a friend who wanted them recorded and made into a Logic X Sampler instrument for her SoundBath meditation workshops. I have recorded each bowl using their 7-note scale, IE the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B. The original ‘Sampler’ and Kontakt 5 RAW instruments contain a combination of long drones and short hits with a felt mallet, both these additional instruments are available via my Youtube channel or website for FREE.

My main aim was to always manipulate these samples further, so I set about running them through a series of guitar pedals including a Strymon Nightsky, Julia Chorus and Strymon Timeline. The result has created something even more etherial than the originals and I am really happy with the result… enjoy.

Please feel free to leave a review and feature in some compositions, I would live to hear how it could be used 🙂

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