Bathroom Door

An unsettling pad sound created from a creaky door...

The story

The mechanism in the door handle to the bathroom has a squeaky spring in it. It really needs oiling, but it is one of those jobs that never seems to get high enough on the priority list. So it makes this weird scraping sound every time you open the door…

It turns out that it scrapes with a perfect C2! So here’s a very processed version that ends up as an unsettling pad sound. From left to right, the microphones start out with tone, and get noisier and grittier to the right, with the actual door sample providing the ‘clicks’ in the middle.

This is not a bathroom in which you want to spend much time!


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  • Sparkling and warm texture

    Definitely cannot imagine the sound from the title!! It is warm, wobbling sound but also sounds like a talking pad. Very unique texture.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Very interesting instrument...

    If there's any instrument that best demonstrates how to take a simple, everyday sound and turn it into something musical, then this is the one! It's amazing how you were able to get all of these different textures and timbres out of just a door. The GUI is pretty intuitive and easy to use, and the stereo aspect of the samples makes it have a very dynamic sound as you can hear different textures and sonic elements from each side. Fabulous work!

    christopher13 October 2021