Piano Day 2020 – Music By 300 Strangers

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST PIECE OF SYSTEM’S MUSIC To celebrate Piano Day 2020, the Pianobook Community has joined together to attempt to create the world’s biggest piece of system’s music. Inspired by the music of Steve Reich and taking a lead from Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs the community has submitted over 380 parts to make up […]

January Highlights

New Year’s Honours List (Pianobook Edition) Christian highlights some of the key contributors to Pianobook from last year. Here’s to an exciting year ahead! Congratulations to all the honours list: Simon Fyffe Egor Kurdello David Hilowitz Jon Meyer Joshua Meltzer Stephen Tallamy Andrew Ward Angus Roberts-Carey Christopher Scullion Conner Sawchuk Andrew Finch Keith Theodosiou Pete […]


Featured in the 2019 honours list: Andrew Ward: 1911 Bechstein Upright (most download piano in 2019) Angus Roberts-Carey: Sonva Piano, Sonva Upright, Infinite Guitar (plus Kontakt versions of 9000ft Piano and Tracked Piano) Christopher Scullion: Tatak – Toy Piano, Tatak – Felt Piano (MVP and Full), Tatak – Muted Felt Piano Conner Sawchuk: Decrepit Toy […]

November Highlights

EXPLODING WATERMELONS! Christian walks through more submissions, makes a drum kit from cutting room audio clips and explodes a watermelon. BOYBAND PIANO Returning to the idea of close mic’ing a piano to generate a tracked piano, this time with more microphones and duck tape! DEMO HIGHLIGHTS Soundcloud is brimming with new demos – check out […]

September Highlights

CELEBRATING ONE YEAR OF PIANOBOOK In September 2018, Pianobook was officially launched with a Prologue video from Christian. One year later and we now have a website with a massive sample library of community contributed pianos and other instruments. Upright pianos, grand pianos, felted and prepared pianos plus a range of other interesting pads and […]

Schimmel Factory Visit

  CHRISTIAN HENSON (EXCERPT FROM SPITFIRE AUDIO): Whilst I knew the piano was a complicated instrument, I didn’t quite believe how mind-blowing my trip to Schimmel would be. How do they make pianos? How did these monumentally complex bits of machinery become the ‘king’ instrument, top of the food chain, ‘Musicus-rex’? I guess the scale […]


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