Introducing Pianobook Artists!

Pianobook is a global community of nearly 500 contributors, who have together created over 1000 virtual instruments on our website for Kontakt and the free Decent Sampler. To celebrate the success of the platform, we have started a new label called Pianobook Artists- where we seek to reward our best contributors by giving them the opportunity to record, construct, and market their best sample libraries to date. 

Our first contributor, Mike Georgiades released Soft Nylon Strings in February 2022 and after the success of this library, we are proud to announce the next contributor- Jon Meyer. With the influence of Spitfire Audio Co-Founder, Christian Henson, Jon Meyer’s foray into the sampling world was born. Documenting his exploits and other musical knowledge on his successful YouTube channel, he has built an audience that admire his cinematic vlogging style.

Such was his success with Flute+Violin, his first Pianobook sample library- Christian Henson invited Jon to create a LABS instrument, Spitfire Audio’s most popular virtual instrument line. Building his reputation for sampling, Jon then went on to release his first commercial library- The Meyer Felt, a recording of his own felted upright piano often found in the background of his studio vlogs. 

Whilst developing his commercial brand and compositions he regularly completes for top publishing labels, Jon continued to enrich the Pianobook site with his high quality experiments in sounds. Such to the point that his latest submission, Woven Strings, is now the top rated library on our site. 

We are therefore thrilled to present The Feathered Flute. An eclectic mix of his hand-carved Native American Flute, which has been processed with other sound sources and effects to create ethereal textures- perfect for film and television scoring. You can view Jon’s full walkthrough on his YouTube Channel. 

We look forward to releasing more libraries to the Pianobook Artists label in the future, with our next library coming from the highly talented Skyscape Paradise.