Project Reflex With Dan Keen

For our monthly Discord Challenge, we’re teaming up with Dan Keen to assist with his latest sample project- Project Reflex. Join our Discord to take part:

Here’s everything you need to know:

There will be two instruments created: Pitched and Percussive.

If you don’t have an instrument or voice to record, feel free to record MIDI with one of our 1,000+ free sample libraries on Pianobook. Just be sure to credit the patch used in the file name. More on that later.

Step 1: Import the video or audio file into your DAW (both are identical).

Step 2: Record the notes C, D sharp, F sharp and A, following the instructions. If you have time to record more octaves, please do! I want this to be a full keyboard instrument. Just duplicate your track and repeat the process. If you’re recording a percussive layer, use these 4 notes as an opportunity to record round robins (multiple recordings of the same articulation).

Step 3: When you’re done, drag the attached Sync Plop file to the start position of the audio or video instruction file. Export your octaves, one pass at a time, with the sync plop at the beginning. Please DON’T include the audio instructions in your export! Your filenames should be in the convention Initials_Pitch / Percussive_Instrument or Pianobook library used.wav

Step 4: Zip up your audio files and send them to [email protected] by Tuesday 21st July 2022 I’ll share the instrument a few weeks after the closing date! Thanks and good luck!