Bees, buzzing around the entrance to a hive

Global Swarm Community Event

In 2020 we bought 400 of your voices together it what (we believe was) the biggest choir sample pack ever created. This Spring, we’re ready for chapter two and the theme this time is Global Swarm. Like Spitfire’s coveted Swarm libraries, we’re going to collect your different tremolo samples and create a massive textural library- and who knows, maybe we’ll surpass the amount of samples in the previous edition!

This year we’re doing things a bit differently, which starts with the grand prize- a copy of Spitfire Audio’s Everything Collection hand delivered by Christian Henson himself! We also want to share the experience of creating this magical sample pack with everyone in the community, so be sure to join our Discord Server to see how you can help out!

No idea what this is all about? Check out the culmination of 2020’s project below!

If you wish to take part, you can read the full details included the rules and terms and conditions of the competition here.

Happy Sampling!