Competition Time! The World’s Biggest BRAAAM

It’s November 2022 and as we head into Christmas (yes, it’s coming) we want to throw another sample challenge competition. The third edition of this challenge (after Winter Voices & Global Swarm) will involve creating a BRAAAM… so when we combine all of your samples together we should be able to create The World’s Biggest (not even Hans Zimmer could match its power!)

What the heck is a BRAAAM a hear you say? Well, here’s a handy little video we found:

So how do I enter?

  1. Record yourself playing your BRAAAM (both Audio and Video if you can!)
    The audio should be about 5-10 seconds in length- any longer and the library will be too many GBs!
    You should record your audio using found sounds or instruments you own. The audio must belong to you, and you only! You cannot use other peoples samples, samples libraries, or VSTs. You can however use the free packs on Pianobook should you wish to bulk out your sound.
    To record the BRAAAM just play as loud as you can to begin with and then let it slowly drain away. Sharp attack, long tail.
  2. Edit the audio
    Edit the audio and record your process on your phone- you may want to include it as part of your video submission.
    Make sure you pitch the note to any B note on the keyboard. The editors of the library will do the rest!
    Export the audio in 24bit/ 48KHz if you can!
  3. Upload to our Discord
    Place the audio in our Discord Channel #WBB-Audio
    Place the video link in #WBB-Video
    Tag your YouTube videos with #PianobookBRAAAM

The Deadline is November 30th 2022 UPDATE: December 4th, 1159pm GMT and the final pack will be release on Christmas Day along with the announcement of our 5 winners.

The Prizes

  1. Best Space
    The most bizarre, large, or incredible space recorded in. For Global Swarm we had a 3000 year old Pyramid! Please don’t do anything dangerous though or put yourself in harms way. Obey the laws of the land and if you’re a child, ask your parent permission before venturing into the great outdoors.
  2. Biggest Ensemble
    The video element is important for this one for verification purposes! Layer up yourself and show it on the video, or record an ensemble you play with. Only one prize will be given for the person who does the recording- we can’t give 99 sample libraries away!
  3. Best Processing
    Turn a rusty gate into something rather magical? You could win Best Processing. This is the award for the best way a sound has been processed. The video element is also important- or describe what you did on the #WBB-Audio channel.
  4. Best Performance
    This is the award for best performed sample. Your playing ability might be unmatched in virtuosity, or you might play your instrument in a very over dramatic way! We’ll be judging this based on Videos.
  5. Best Overall Sample
    We’ll be judging this based on audio alone, so don’t worry those who can’t make a video. This is for the sample that blows our ears off (not literally of course).


Judging will be done by the Pianobook team this time, but we encourage our Discord users to emoji react to audio and videos they like to help catch our attention!

Like Global Swarm we’ll be getting together a top team of Pianobook sample nerds to bring this to life. More details later this month on Discord.

Full Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions for our Pianobook challenges are linked here:

I still have questions/ no idea what I’m doing

Talk to us on Discord!