de silva’s Reviews

  • A spring of inspiration the water spring

    simply put it its inspiring i can play this all day the tone of the piano is amazing especially Dave Oh, ear candy. I also got a beautiful tone by taking and chopping them up and adding a 60 second reverb and then mixing the two i might release this later in pianobook

    Claustrophobic Piano14 October 2021
  • the name describes it perfectly

    the piano is beautiful but the star of the show for me is the guitar ebow the tone is nice but high shelf of around -8db at like 2000hz together with a slow attack of around 10k ms gives synth like pad sound with a organic sound also a heavy reverb really helps

    Trailer Ambient Tools14 October 2021
  • dan is back

    oh dan this sounds so good recording and even the fx is awesome though the very high end is kind of harsh but for me a bit of eq fixed it but since this is a frozen Glock i felt that the reverb tail should be longer and the sus cc 64 should control the tail length from the ADSR what is do is i render the samples with a ultra long tail 40s and send the group in to the ADSR of Kontakt and then program cc64 to changer the value of the ADSR's R release any way the samples are really good a nice glock

    Frozen Glock04 November 2021
  • can a piano be any better

    this is a beautiful piano with a rich tone and a beautiful ambient texture the tail is beautiful a tad of reverb can make this piano even better because the contrast between the note hold and a release is a bit harsh what i did was i added two busses and the instrument sends the audio the these two busses in one i have a 2 second reverb at around 70% in the other bus i added a 60 second reverb and had it at around 10% this gives a nice ambiance and a beautiful room tone to this piano

    The King’s Upright14 October 2021
  • the harmonics are awesome

    this library exactly what it says the box the low end of the library is a grate way to fill in the low in heavy manner overall a good library and a tad of reverb with long tail can take this library to a whole new level

    BaltiWurli17 November 2021