de silva’s Reviews

  • Oh those crummy cassette sound,

    simply LOVE this

    fits perfectly in with the other elements of the compotation

    and no gripes about this

    good job DK
    keep it up

    Cassette Drums13 December 2021
  • A spring of inspiration the water spring

    simply put it its inspiring i can play this all day the tone of the piano is amazing especially Dave Oh, ear candy. I also got a beautiful tone by taking and chopping them up and adding a 60 second reverb and then mixing the two i might release this later in pianobook

    Claustrophobic Piano14 October 2021
  • A bell that ring in to your soul

    this is easily one of the best percussion libs I've heard in pianobook
    especially the bells

    the bells are so cinematic and just plain cool

    for an extra flare tune down the whole bells parch about -10 and add a low shelf of around 6db at 180hz to get a huge sounds that surrounds you with power and a mild sense of fear from the bell

    the far mics bring out this hugeness even more

    i cant saw enough good things about library

    the only gripe i have about this library is the length of the snare role
    i would love to have a few extra samples with some extra long saner rolls

    other than that this is a grate library and i highly recommend it

  • Finally, found the composing tool I've been looking for

    the instrument sounds really good and especially useful when i try t come up with a melody
    its sound makes it perfectly fine to play even monophonically unlike a piano in which you have to play polyphonically for it to sound good .
    this instrument is perfect for constructing melody because it sounds good even monophonically
    other than that the brittle sound of the instrument makes it preferable of those brittle scenes

    best of all CH is back and I'm so happy for that

    good job Christian
    please keep it up

    Warty Dulcitone08 February 2022
  • nice library with a good sound

    wow just beautiful

    but the YouTube videos is private

    Volitions25 April 2022