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  • Please sir, may I have another

    I thought this was really fun... and adventurous.. and creative.. and I will most certainly spend way too much time (or not enough time.. from a different perspective) NO WAIT... Here ya go.. There's just not enough time... Yeah.. and I'm gonna too. One thing I find that really appeals to me about this, is that it's a fast track to creativity using multiple patches than I can switch out quickly. I built a couple of usable, musical combinations really fast with this. "Impressive"

    Pianolith10 January 2022
  • Ahhh Heck Yeah!

    Now this was a great surprise to open up. My little slice of PianoBook heaven right here now. Excellent GUI, lots of tweaking tools, sampling sounds great, I do NOT understand the earlier reviews complaint about tone.. the things got built in filters... the samples are such that you can take away what you don't like... if it were recorded in the mud, you'd have a hard time adding the twinkles after the fact.. This is Awesome Sauce! Built in effects.. come on fellas. I'll be making something this week with this new toy. Bet.

    Mason & Hamlin Model A10 January 2022
  • This is very useable

    I agree with the previous reviewers.. but I'd like to add something I didn't see anyone else comment on. Try this instrument and fool around with your controller's velocity settings. If you constrain velocity to lower settings, its got a sound.. then limit the velocity to say 75.. it's got a sound. I haven't yet found a sweet spot where I can go between the two sounds at will... but still... both sounds are great and completely useable in a variety of contexts. I really like this instrument. It'd be neato-torpedo if I could move the key ranges around from the GUI, (visions of Omnisphere with a smaller down n dirty footprint)

    Pure 2510 January 2022
  • Very usable stuff here

    I like what's happening here. I don't know precisely 'what' is happening, but I can certainly use this. On a helpful note: I found that the reverb is the Kontakt convolution reverb and can by bypassed after selecting the wrench in the player. Makes it more useable IMO in my projects. Fun stuff.

    Americana Tapestries10 January 2022
  • I like this, but fair warning, I'm weird

    I'm giving this high reviews because I find this inspiring in lots of ways. I hear it, and it makes me want to write a piece featuring it. Then I want to steal the samples and throw them into UVI Falcon and shred them, granulator-iz-imate them, and just try to morph the pee-jeezers out of them. The controls in the GUI are just right for this sample instrument, as in, just exactly what you'd need IMO

    Bowed Acoustic10 January 2022