The story

Pure 25 is a Hybrid instrument blending a felt Yamaha U3 upright piano and 2 optional virtual Juno-60 patches.
The middle section consists of 25 intimate pure felt piano keys, and in the upper and lower sections of the instrument, the piano smoothly and gradually blends with 2 different synthesizer patches created with a virtual Juno-60.
In this instrument, the middle section is pure and intimate, and the extremes get more spacey and extroverted.
Feel free to mute one or both of the synthesizer layers for a PURE felt experience! Also you can enjoy “Pure 25” with a Tape emulation! just press the “Tape” button and tweak the tape hiss, saturation and flutter to your taste!

After a year of experimentation with different types of felt, i found the perfect one with he perfect thickness that makes the U3 more intimate, yet preserves its harmonic richness. In the middle section of the piano, i muted 2 out of 3 strings for each note with a wool felt temperament strip. After that, i recorded the piano with a pair of Rode NT5 in ORTF with a Neumann TLM102 covering the middle section. 6 dynamic layers have been recorded as well as 4 round robins for key release noise and the pedal UP/DOWN noise.

Reviews for Pure 25

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  • This is very useable

    I agree with the previous reviewers.. but I'd like to add something I didn't see anyone else comment on. Try this instrument and fool around with your controller's velocity settings. If you constrain velocity to lower settings, its got a sound.. then limit the velocity to say 75.. it's got a sound. I haven't yet found a sweet spot where I can go between the two sounds at will... but still... both sounds are great and completely useable in a variety of contexts. I really like this instrument. It'd be neato-torpedo if I could move the key ranges around from the GUI, (visions of Omnisphere with a smaller down n dirty footprint)

  • Amazing controllability

    This is a really amazing library that clearly alot of work went into. Theres a really great amount of dynamic layers and round robins which i always love in pianos. The pure felt sounds really nice and the tone is great. The release triggers also sound awesome. Theres also so many cool options for blending synth sounds in and many ways to tweak this on the awesome GUI. When it sounds too similar to a piano i dont like it as much but once it gets more out there and starts sounding like a synth i like it more. This is a really fun and unique instrument with tons of ways to dial in the sound you want

    septemberwalk07 November 2021
  • A good idea nicely executed!

    The Synth sounds add great character the sound, but it's not like they are going to overhaul it, so you can pretty much always listen to the piano no matter how hard you go on the settings. There are many settings to play with, so I recommed you download it and have a look!

    Tip: You can get the default piano sound by turning off both Synth level knobs, and the EQ knobs at the middle. The range is not the full range of a 88key piano, but the dynamics are nice and the sound itself is almost felt-like. Also beware, the release trigger sounds can become VERY loud.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Absolutely amazing GUI for a unique instrument

    I love that you took the traditional intimate piano sound and gave us something different. The piano itself is recorded and programmed beautifully and the Juno adds some great layers on both end. I wrote a Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross type cue almost immediately with this, while working on the saturation and flutter knobs. Great job with this!

    07 December 2021
  • Ooo! This is really nice!

    There are so many piano libraries on this site. It's tough to do something really unique, but this library seems to have achieved it. The piano sound here is very dark, felty, and muted. The addition of tape controls brings you some instant Shallow Water goodness. What makes this library so unique is the addition of specially tailored synth sounds in the highest and lowest registers. This library seamlessly blends from one to the next. The ability to apply -- or not apply -- effects independently to each layer is a welcome addition. This library is playable, fun, inspiring, well recorded, and well edited! It's worth noting that the library seems to sit an octave too high on the keyboard, but that's easy enough to remedy. It's simply awesome!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 05 November 2021