WhoviVortex’s Reviews

  • The Enchanted Dulcimer

    This instrument is an awe-giver. As someone who is really passionate about the folk-esq field of scoring, having a convenient Dulcimer patch that isn't solely hammering has previously been a tough nut. What you've created here is a beautiful ensemble of inspiration, creativity and, above all, So Useful!

    'Ten-Billion Butterflies' is one of my favorite sounds on Pianobook. It blends far across the line of just being a tremolo, and gives a beautiful swarm of unstable, raw strings.

    The little knobs that add the additional layers of air, rustling, brightness, etc. are so inspired. And man, the GUI is just something else.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous work. More like this, please!

  • Circus Vibes

    Whilst not hugely dynamic in usage- at least for me, the airy and wavery sound given through the samples fits perfectly for a circus/carnival/etc piece. Wish there was a bit more control over the sound, though! (Perhaps a staccato?)

    Clarinet Organ05 February 2022