toucam’s Reviews

  • Instant inspiration

    I love the sound of these samples! I honestly wish I had access to the raw ice sounds so I could mess with them with my own audio effects. But I have already used these processed sounds in a couple of tracks, and it gives instant character to an introduction or quiet bridge, I absolutely love it! The only little UI issue that I have with it is how many different patches it creates in Decent Sampler. I wish there was a way to have one instrument with a bunch of presets in it like you can have in Kontakt

    Ice Choir06 November 2021
  • A real instrument

    I used this instrument in this Lofi track: I think it fits the mood perfectly and to me, this sounds like a real instrument, with rich harmonics and a full spectrum. I absolutely love it in this context.

    The Lamp06 November 2021