Steves-Lens’s Reviews

  • Dan is the Man!

    Another Gem from Dan Keen. It's gotten to the stage where the name "Dan Keen" on an instrument is a guarantee of quality. What I love about his work is that it is not only technically sound - no pun intended - but there is most often a genuine, usable instrument to play with, as well as the bonus pads and other derivations which genuinely complement the core instrument. Frozen Glock is no exception.

    Frozen Glock13 January 2022
  • Quality Stuff

    This is all about sound quality. I already have Hunter's World Percussion library as one of my favourites, but this is another level. Thank you!

  • Am I breaking the rules?

    I know the Pianobook community is all about music, sampling, usability etc (because I religiously watch all of Christian's videos). But I want to give an extra five stars for the video production. Edu, that is so freaking cool. Thank you for the great instrument and the cheeky, well produced, and fun vid. What a great way to demonstrate the instrument and entertain the Pianobook community. Thanks mate.

    The Notebook01 December 2021