sirfache’s Reviews

  • 2021: A Space Oddity

    No problems here, Houston! In fact we are pretty peachy keen!! I don't even know where to start with this. It is absolutely immaculate. You really are transported beyond the stars with each different incredible and unique layer. I LOVE the option to mix multiple layers too. It really gives you so many possibilities as far as sound design is concerned and really gives this instrument a ton of versatility. I am really excited to map these other layers to different knobs on my Keystep and go to town making some evolving drones. And to top it all off the GUI is stunning as well. It really adds to the overall vibe of everything and just helps add to one's inspiration. You have AR, modulation fx, a great sounding verb, AND dirty bitcrush. I can't believe this was free. What an achievement. Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space.

    NASA Space Pad18 October 2021
  • Not Your Grandmother's Music Box

    Wow I was not expecting... this. So many layers to mix in and so many parameters. I am in music box heaven! GUI is next level too. I love how there is even a VCF filter section as well as multiple great sounding fx. You can use it for an organic music box, as a more synthlike texture, and even more out of the box sound design! Really knocked it out of the park!! Looking forward to creating some patches with this for sure.

    Music Box DLX24 October 2021
  • Beautiful Formant Electronic Choir

    These sounds are so brilliant. You have your own robotic choir with so many different variants with your formants. there are seemingly endless combinations to choose from! And the matrix is extremely intuitive and easy to use! The only downside to this is that it is a pretty distinct sound so it really won't fit in every setting though I think using it for sound design opens up some wonderful opportunities especially with a slower pitched down granular plugin on it. So excited to experiment with this!

    FOF Choir – Matrix16 October 2021
  • Very Versatile Fun Factory!

    I love this so much. I was amazed at how many sounds came out of this one little metal spring! You can use it for playful leads, sound design, pads and more! I love the harmony option especially using it as a sort of fm to get more metallic dissonant tones! Sound quality is great and the GUI is simple and easy to use and I always appreciate a good MW option. There are so many different default options to choose from too which is a huge bonus. Incredible job!

    Solder Stand15 October 2021
  • Flights of Fancy

    Absolutely gorgeous sound. Fluttering textures that really tickle your brain and warm your heart at the same time. Very versatile. I love the layout and the option to have samples crossfade too. It was very thought out and I really appreciate that they went out of their way to include details like that. I will echo someone else's criticism about the GUI being a bit busy. I didn't even see some of the controls at first because it blended so well into the background picture but that is a very small gripe. This will have endless uses for me and I imagine countless others. Fantastic job.

    Harmonic Flights14 October 2021