Solder Stand

A soldering iron holder hit and bowed...

The story

This is a small soldering iron holder. The base is about 4.5 inches long. I sampled it with my Tascam DR-40 at 96khz, both hitting it various ways and bowing its parts.

Maybe you can find it useful.


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  • Has a lot to offer!

    With 16 patches included, this little soldering iron holder is offering a lot! I won't go on to analyze every single one of them though. I will just say that they are very decent, versatile, and somehow unique sounding to each other. I found that they are a little bit noisy - sometimes on the attack, sometimes on the release, or sometimes there is just some white noise overall, but not easily noticable. In general they are on the wet side, even with the Wet/Dry Mix knob set to 0 - not too much though. I'll also mention that my favourite patch of all is the Base Come Back Loop, which reminds me of a Glockenspliel with A LOT of character!

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021
  • This will put a spring in your step... or rather your music!

    Love this library. This unique instrument is full of great patches. Everything from soft wind like pads, particularly in the bowed patches, to 'found' sounds, that in my opinion imitate a mid 90s Eric Serra. I'm personally not a fan of the garish GUI, but that's nitpicking. The library is simple but effective and gives you enough things to tweak and process as you please. Great Job!

    R.Treves16 October 2021
  • Very Versatile Fun Factory!

    I love this so much. I was amazed at how many sounds came out of this one little metal spring! You can use it for playful leads, sound design, pads and more! I love the harmony option especially using it as a sort of fm to get more metallic dissonant tones! Sound quality is great and the GUI is simple and easy to use and I always appreciate a good MW option. There are so many different default options to choose from too which is a huge bonus. Incredible job!

    sirfache15 October 2021
  • Fabulous sounds as always...

    It's amazing how many sounds were able to be coaxed out of just one simple object. Everything sounds great, the GUI is nice and simple to use, and there are plenty of variations to chose from. My only issue is that all of the individual sounds/articulations are stored in their own separate instrument file, of which there are 16. This can make sorting through the sounds difficult, so I might suggest either putting them all together or grouping them into 3-4 larger instrument files based on their sound qualities. This might help users navigate through all of the amazing possibilities more efficiently.

    christopher14 October 2021