Ronan McDermott’s Reviews

  • Get yer William Basinski trousers on....

    This is simply gorgeous. Goosebumps, right out of the box. Makes delightful and surprisingly unpredictable but musical noises right up and down the keyboard. Don't play C1 loud in a built-up area.... Superb GUI choices - Reverb hurrah!, the Short and Long Loops, and the Low Pass Filter - makes this easy to play. This is absolutely worth the Five Stars for Inspiration!

    Harmonic Flights14 October 2021
  • Don't play this like a guitar, and you'll be fine.

    Well, maybe start out playing it like a guitar - but you'll quickly run into the timing problem. So, either start out with heavily modded attack and release times, and crank up the reverb or better still, turn the reverb off, and use a combination of short ping-pong and longer, perhaps worn tape delay to knock the rather rigid timing of the "thrumming" into a less guitar-like instrument. Or play it like a guitar, and work around the timing. I like this library very much and perhaps should invest some time in doing a demo to put my money time where my mouth review is...

  • A very good ship....

    ...awash on an ocean of reverb. If this pack had a reverb control, I'd buy you lunch. Sounds absolutely lovely, but the reverb sort of paints me into a corner I'm using the DS version - perhaps the other versions allow some tweaking of the reverb?. I am very fond of my own reverbs. All that said, the demos really work. So the problem is me. Thanks for sharing!

    Klimpa14 October 2021
  • The lower registers deliver

    It was Da Fingaz' demo that caught my ear. So I downloaded this pack DS version and discovered the textures of the bottom couple of octaves. Above that it didn't quite work for me. But the mod-wheel, short release, a touch of reverb and those low notes come quite alive. One snag which is why I gave only 2 stars for recording rapid use of the mod wheel caused some crackling noises. This might be I recognise my modest desktop at the limit of it's CPU, but I'm not sure. Thanks for this lovely library - the low notes are rich and beautiful.

    Distant Brass14 October 2021
  • It couldn't be any other way....

    If I dropped the price of a small house or big car on an orange keyboard, and it turned out to be as delightful as the video reveals, I, too, would be reluctant to share a sample pack of such quality as to undermine the original investment. And who could blame you, Christian. Well, me, obviously, but that would be churlish. It's a perfectly ok sample pack, drenched in a bit of reverb and some eq. But it ain't a Fender Rhodes Celeste!! A niche sound, but somewhat lacking in character.